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At the AGM on 26 June, members of the museum society re-appointed seven Board members and appointed one new member. The 8 Board members for the 2016/17 year are:  Clive Bird, Geoff Rennison, Jenny Treloar, Leigh Gamby, Pat Ballard, Penny Griffith, Robin Manson, Robin Riley. A Tasman District Council (TDC) representative will be named following the local government elections in October.

When the new Board held its first meeting on 13 July they re-elected Penny Griffith as Chairperson (and Acting Treasurer) and Pat Ballard as Secretary.

Mail--15 July 2106--re grandstand supportOne of the major items on the agenda was whether the Board had a view on the retention of the Grandstand at the showgrounds, which has become a vigorous community debate following the council’s decision to demolish it. With two abstentions, the Board decided to write to TDC saying they are in favour of the Grandstand being retained. ¬†The letter was presented to a TDC committee meeting on 14 July, being written up in the Nelson Mail:



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