Our whalery — Is happening!

Friday 2 September–Amazing progress after just 4 weeks:

Topped off with roofing iron … and the colour matches!  The new, easier ramp is begun. So Spring is looking good as our new frontage becomes reality. We’ve had to commit to the special museum-grade glass for the windows, though we still need to raise the funds. Maybe you can help?  Our supporters are very special people. Thank you.

IMG_3424--roofing & ramp (Large)





Progress report, Friday 26 August–and we need your help, please!

UV glass--flier--rev 26 August--2on1--JPEG

It’s remarkable what’s happened in 9 days of work (just 1 day of rain). Installing the big steel framework yesterday has made a huge difference — we can really see what it’s going to look like — dramatic!   Click on the images to enlarge them.

But we still need to find over $3,000 to do the UV-resistant glass — please help if you can.  CLICK HERE for details

IMG_3382--19 Aug--steel arrives (Large)IMG_3397 (Large)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How exciting — we have action, on Monday 8 June 2016, and it’s a lovely sunny day. Here’s to the Whalery.  Digger Day (Thursday) is the first step towards the new ramp, and easier access.

And, yes, we still have a bit of fundraising to do. We need to make sure that the glass in those new windows is UV resistant. CLICK HERE for details


Digger Day — Thursday 11 August


Monday 8 August--the story begins

Monday 8 August–a new chapter in our story

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