Our Whalery … is an “Opportunity”!

Our Whalery project is listed in the just-published 2016 Nelson Bays Community Foundation “Beacon of Opportunities” listing. We really appreciate the support of NBCF in increasing awareness of our project, especially as we’re the first one listed (and we’ve always known it’s an opportunity for our community to share one of our BIG local stories!)

The foundation itself also provides an alternative, private and secure way of making donations. Click on the links below to find out more.


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Flagpole Information? An Update

Update (13 May) — Believe it or not … the flagpole blew over in the storm of 12/13 May — it was rotten at the base. In crashing to the footpath, its top snapped off,  so it’s beyond saving. Sad to lose something over a century old, but at least no one was hurt.

Public Notice (as published, GBWeekly, 22 April 2016)

FLAGPOLE, 73 Commercial Street. Does anyone have knowledge of or interest in the flagpole outside the Golden Bay Museum, 73 Commercial Street? The Museum Board and TDC are considering removal/disposal of the flagpole as part of the Whalery project and associated garden layout. Any information to the Museum, please: ph 525-6268 or email: goldenbaymuseum@xtra.co.nz

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Exciting Whalery News

Update 15 April: Thanks, GB Lions for pledging $1,000!  C’mon everyone … just $6,000 to go!


WATCH the YouTube video (thanks, Morgan Foundation) >>>>> CLICK HERE

Hi everyone — We’ve had great news recently … a grant from Pupu Hydro Society ($2500) and Bainham Rural Women ($250) — plus some generous local private donors. It’s very empowering to know that you’re all sharing our vision. Thank you so much.


 whalery and photo imageLet’s Get the Whale into the Whalery!

Sunday 7 February 2016–2pm @ Village Theatre–Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came to learn a lot from the documentaries, Sophie White (Otago University) and Mike Ogle (DOC, Takaka). It was a reaffirming event, and we raised $500 (after expenses) towards our target. With other recent significant donations — there’s just another $15,000 to go… Please GIVE A LITTLE if you can

Whalery–Almost here … Please help us get it!

The planned extension to Golden Bay Museum Te Waka Huia o Mohua to tell the story of our local marine environment is almost within grasp.

Just before Christmas, the Museum learnt its Lottery Grants application for $40,000 was successful–Hooray!  The museum has now raised $97,000 from a variety of grant and other sources towards the whalery and preparation of the whale skeleton that will be the focal point of the displays. All that’s needed is a final $20,000 to make it happen.

Donations over $5 are eligible for tax credit refunds of 33.3%, and all donations of $1,000 or more will be recorded on a permanent donors’ board inside the whalery.

How to donate:

  • Post a cheque (made out to Golden Bay Museum Society Inc) to the museum at 73 Commercial Street, Takaka 7110
  • Make a direct credit (online banking) payment to the museum’s whalery account at the BNZ (02-0764-0063386-97). Please put your name in the Reference section and send your details by email to goldenbaymuseum@xtra.co.nz
  • Go to our Give-a-Little page– CLICK HERE! This is a safe, easy and efficient way of making donations and obtaining an instant tax-credit receipt.

Fundraising screening: Two Golden Bay whale stranding documentaries, Stranded! (1997) and Once a Pod of Whales (2012) will be screened at the Village Theatre on Sunday 7 February at 2pm. Tickets ($20, includes refreshments) are available from Paradise Video (next to the museum) and Collingwood Post and Gifts. Phone Penny (524-8112 or 021-02333-770) for more information.


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Our New Year

Happy New Year — we’re looking forward to 2016. Come on in (10-4 every day) and meet Jock in his new role and regalia as Master of Freemasons Golden Bay Lodge no. 144 as part of our summer exhibition. To read more about the exhibition, click on this link: Secret Societies




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Thanks for your help!

Our stall at the Collingwood Market on 31 December raised $415 — a great help to balancing our budget. Thanks!


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December 2015 Newsletter

December 2015 Newsletter–just released!

To read the newsletter–please CLICK HERE

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First Meeting Day 2015 (Abel Tasman 373)

This year’s commemoration of the first recorded meeting between Maori and another people was a great success. A total of about 40 people (who had not previously been part of the annual event) came to the monument, the museum, Taupo Point and the boat trip out into Golden Bay/Mohua. It’s a reflection of growing interest in this important national heritage story. For more information go to the dedicated website: www.abeltasman.org.nz

A couple of participants produced wonderful surprises: one was a bracelet created by five linked silver book clasps from an 18th-century notebook/almanac produced by the VOC (Dutch East India Company) office in Delft. Here is one link of the bracelet:




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Our 25th anniversary events on 17 & 22 October were a great success–thank you all for your support.  The four heritage site visits attracted around 40 people at each location–and we raised $232 for the museum at the River Inn dinner & quiz night.  Hooray–we’re setting a trend for the next 25 years!

Looking towards the Fonterra factory in Takaka... Lester Pomeroy & Robin Manson tell the tale of Golden Bay's dairy factories. It's a story that began in the 1850s.

Opposite the Fonterra factory in Takaka … Lester Pomeroy & Robin Manson talk about Golden Bay dairy factories, a story that began in the 1850s.

Earlier in the month, we very much enjoyed meeting Netherlands Ambassador Rob Zaagman and his wife Monique Zaagman-Bos on Monday 12 October. They’ll be back!

Ambassador Rob Zaagman (centre) at Golden Bay Museum on 12 October, with researchers Dave Horry (L) and Robert Jenkin (R), creator of the diorama behind them.

Ambassador Rob Zaagman (centre) at Golden Bay Museum on 12 October, with researchers Dave Horry (L) and Robert Jenkin (R), creator of the 1642 “first meeting” diorama behind them.

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New Newsletter–October 2015

Our latest newsletter is now available — Click HERE

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CLICK HERE for a donation form

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